30 Days of Unconditional Self-Love


From 21st december to 21st january, I’m practicing unconditional self-love. No matter what happens, no matter what I do, or what people do to me, no matter what. It’s the unconditional self-love month. I’d also love to share some of the amazing pictures my friend took during sunset last réveillon:



The sun setting in this beach is so amazing that I always dreamed about marrying there, at sunset. Isn’t it a perfect setting and color? It lasts only a few seconds, but everybody is mesmerized by its beauty. During the year, the color changes, and I guess during summer it gets more beautiful.

The full moon rises at the other side of the beach, and we need to walk about 20 minutes to get there, but it’s incredible. I’ve only seen it once my whole life, but I’ll never forget.

I’ll schedule it again — to watch the full moon rising at the beach.


To practice unconditional self-love is very hard, I’m realizing. It’s even hard to practice it for only 30 days. I keep telling myself all the time “It’s only 30 days, you can do it, girl!”. The picture above, for example, I keep telling myself “My arms are too fat, I’m too fat, I’m too fat”, and it is like an inner massacre. It’s unbelievable how we cause pain and beat ourselves up in a daily and consistent basis. For years. For lives!

It’s just easier to criticize myself, to judge myself, to expect for the worst. This inner dialogue has been “on” for so long, that it is so hard to stop it, even if … it’s just for 30 days.


What I notice is that my mind works like a strict parent or teacher, always judging me and correcting me, or saying how disappointed it is with myself. I hope that after that 30 days my mind becomes like the sun — warming and enlightening all there is without withholding its light to keep it only for the “good ones”.


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