Welcome Summer!



It’s summer, everybody!

Yesterday (21st december), we had the beautiful summer solstice. SUCH a magical day. The word “solstice” makes my mind go wild. I might be totally wrong (probably am), but I start thinking about the celtic people, flowers in my hair (redheaded, please), Stonehenge, celebrations in nature, dancing to the sun, and all these things we imagine about people we didn’t know but would like to.

Anyway. Yesterday, the sun took longer to set. How beautiful! I was mesmerized by this idea. And in some areas of the planet, the sun didn’t set at all 🙂 And now, it means that it’s going down. From now on, the days are becoming increasingly shorter where I live, and longer in the north hemisphere. So, it seems like summer is all about the power of the sun, but actually it’s just on the first day that the sun shines in all his power and glory. Summer is about his descent (slowly), until it’s winter.


“From this point onward, the sun’s yang energy slowly wanes, until we reach the darkest point in the yearly spectrum, the winter solstice”. ~Sara Avant Stover

Summer is all about fertility, enjoyment, joy, sensuality and pleasure. Part of my homework is to find ways to infuse more pleasure into my life this summer. Until now, I’ve made this list:

1. Swimming

2. snorkeling

3. Ice cream with chantilly

4. bike riding

5. weekend trip

6. go to the beach walk barefoot on the sand

7. drink fresh coconut water

8. bath in the sea

9. watch the full moon rise

10. watch the sun rise

12. dance

12. salute the sun outdoors

13. outdoor yoga



14. going to a garden (to talk to the flowers — they like it!)

15. buy organic cosmetics

16. buy myself a new bathsuit

17. buy coconut oil (for massage)

18. belly dancing (yay!)

19. buy fresh flowers

20. buy a cute vase (to put the flowers in)

21. print my eBook Practice Healing in a professional graphic.

23. eat a popsicle

24. Sweat, sweat, sweat

25. bath in a waterfall

26. Allow myself to feel pleasure for no reason

27. laugh out loud

28. watch a comedy movie

29. kissing (I wish!)

30. Make lists about pleasurable things

31. and counting…

Some of those things are easy to do, some are in a “dream level”, like the weekend trip and the waterfall. But it’s good to have a list, so that I can already know what I want to have/do/buy/dream about or where I want to be. Who knows?

Have a breezy week.


Pictures: Pinterest

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