“Practicing” Spring as a Woman and God is Hot


On 21th december, we begin summer here in Brazil, so, until there, we’re on spring. It’s true that where I live we don’t really have seasons. It’s summer everyday until it rains. A lot. Pouring rain for two months, between juin and july, and it never seems enough rain tough. The other months of the year is 32°C (about 89 fahrenheit) everyday, blue sky and a foverer hide-and-seek game we play with the sun.

But I’m reading an amazing book, called “The Way of the Happy Woman”, and it teaches us how I can connect with nature’s cycles as a woman. It also teaches how can I reconnect myself with my body’s cycles and feminine cycles.


For each season, there are inspirations, recipes, meditations, yoga practices and much more.

“Every woman, whether or not she realizes it, is a creative genius. Whithin her lives the capacity to regenerate during each moon cycle and each spring. Life, and our vitality, bursts forth in the springtime. This season calls your innate creativity to awaken and make itself known, justa as a seedling pushes through the thawing soil past roots and rocks toward the light”. ~Sara Avant Stover, The Way of the Happy Woman

There’s so much for me to learn, digest, practice. It feels so good to create this space to myself so that I can evaluate my life through each season.


I’m also part of a women’s circle Sara coordinates online, and we have a recommended book for each season. For this one, the recommended book is “Red, Hot and Holy”, by Sera Beak. I’m totally digging Sera’s stuff. Her book is so juicy and has a new approach about religion and spirituality. She is so sexy and has this erotic, sensual, ecstatic approach about the divine. I’m totally hooked!


I also notice that Sera is influencing the way I write. It was totally unconsciously, but I can’t deny that this poem that she quotes on her book made me write this post. Take a look:

“Red is the color of blood, and I will seek it:

I have sought it in the grass.

It is the color of steep sun seen through eyelids.

It is hidden under the suave flesh of women,

Flows there, quietly flows.

It mounts from the heart to the temples,

the singing mouth —

As cold sap climbs to the rose.

I am confused in webs and knots of scarlet

Spun from the darkness;

Or shuttled from the mouths of thirsty spiders.

Madness for red! I devour the leaves of autumn.

I tire of the green of the world.

I am myself a mouth for blood….”

~Conrad Aiken, “Red is The Color of Blood”

She is really getting “under my skin” and I’m totally welcoming it.

One of my favorites quotes of her:

“I thought Jesus was hot. Seriously hot. And I though we should celebrate his holy hotness each Sunday with rockin’ music and ecstaic dancing”.

(I always had this feeling that Jesus was such a gorgeous, sexy man — beyond being, well… him. He has to be cute-to-die-for, right? Of course, I don’t go out sharing this perspective with every christian I know, but inside my heart, that is my belief).

Another word that I love and that appears often in Sera’s writings is “Ecstatic”. That’s how I feel life is supposed to be. That’s how I felt when I overcame my phobia of flying, after so many years. Ecstatic. Literally glowing. That’s how we used to feel as children and that’s how we forget to feel (unfortunately) as adults.

Sera is helping me to put on words deep longings from my heart, and I’m forever thankful for that. She studied religion and spirituality in college, and one day, that’s what she asked in her class:

“I self-consciously raised my hand in my Buddhist studies class and, with a shaky voice, said that while I respected everything I was learning, ‘enlightenment’ sounded (gulp) kind of boring to me. The class fell silent. The Buddhist teacher shrugged his shoulders. I turned a deep shade of Red”.

I’m a very quiet person (rather boring, actually), but in many ways, i’m also a little wild inside. And the idea of enlightment or “heaven” as a bland place where (let’s be honest) nothing ever happens and there is no passion, no flamenco dancers, no italian men, no italian ice cream, no pizza, no italian food, no Italia (!), no french accent, no French, no France, no juicy lips, no video games (no Mortal Combat), no movies, no TV series, no red wine (the first miracle Jesus did was to turn water in red wine. The best wine ever), no chocolate, no fashion, no typography, no fonts, no design blogs, no internet (!!!!) and — most importantly — no orgasms, seemed unattractive to me. It could not be so.


The same God that created the volcanos, the tigers and lions, the tropical jungle (and Brazil), so much ferocity, who created sex and mouths for us to kiss, and eyes to look deep into (eyes are crazy, aren’t they?), and so many differents types of foods, and landscapes for our bodies to really soak up and feel delighted with, and warm waters of the ocean to embrace and caress us, and the reefs, and marine life, cannot be a boring God. I think God is fun. Whatever He is, is not the boring person the religions insist to define as.

So, this teachings are like a blast of new life in my faith. I consider myself a religious (almost freaky) person, and it is refreshing and liberating to know that spirituality is not supposed to feel like a lifeless state, and that heaven is not a huge version of Swisstzerland (although I do like Swisstzerland, it’s a beautiful land, but not all there is!!!).

I’d like to be erotically, ecstatically and sensually enlightened. God is sensual. He is sexy. He knows better. He has to be.

And so are we!

Have a lust-ish end of the week, you delicious being.



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