Time to Change



I was journaling today and realized something I had a feeling about for some months now: it’s time to re-vamp this website. I’m changing, and Y de Yoga changes with me. We can evolve like this together, and I want it to mirror my inner state.

I love my header and my logo (my sweet lizard!), but it’s all sunny and bright and the truth is: although I love my life, there is a “darker side”, you know, my shadows and issues, wounds and scars, all that spice that really makes life what life is — real — that I also want to share with you.

My life is not all about beaches and fresh coconuts. There is also tears, and long nights, the moon and frustrating problems I consider to be also a treasure, and I want it to be part of Y de Yoga, just as is part of me.

I hope you stay with me once you see me deeper!


I’m in a very special moment in my life, and it’s like if I can feel everything without my skin. So, when things hurt, they do, but when they feel good, it makes everything worth it.

My experience with the Yoga Festival was that intense. I tried to cover it all the time, but inside I was bubbling up. There were laughs and tears (of joy and of sadness), and I ask forgiveness to you because I need time to digest everything so that I can write here about it. I’m even avoiding to write about it in my private journal.

Meanwhile, I don’t even know how will I re-design this website. I’m thinking about darker shades, or more color. I’m thinking about choosing the moon as my theme, because she has been so important to me in 2013.

I’m also planning to create new sections and extingish some others, and want to have fun while I do this. Change can be fun too! And energizing.


I’m working twice more, because of the holidays, so, it will take me some time to really create a new header (I’ll probably have to do it myself, because of limitations in my — already limited — budget), but I hope to create a new Y de Yoga next month.

I’m growing and stretching, sometimes it feels like becoming another species o.O

If I do become of a different species, I’ll choose a lavender skin color, just for a change 😉

Wishing you a beautiful week.



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