Natural Beauty Products



Ann Marie Gianni is a beauty brand that produces only natural, organic beauty products.

And you can order sample kits before buying a product, so that you know what works best for you.

I’ve ordered this one:




It’s The GetAway kit and comes with a lot of samples for me to try.

It’s only US$20 and you don’t pay the shipping costs.

They also have  smaller sample kits costing only US$10 (again, no shipping fees).

I’m really trying to use natural beauty products, vegan, organic, all natural. Our sking absorbs everything we put on it, so I want to use only natural beauty products, which is hard, because it’s so much easier (and cheaper) just buy what is offered at the local supermarket.

But I think it’s worth the stretch.

Other brands that I want to try:




Mukti Organic Skincare has great reviews from Jess Ainscough. They also have samples, but I don’t know if we must pay for the shipping costs.





The products by Twenty-8 look delicious, and they also have aromatherapy products, as well as healthy foods.



Surya Brasil

This one is brazilian and is also organic, using ayurvedic philosophy to create their products, and also ingredients from Amazônia and from India. It’s probably going to be my next buy, because they are so close to me.


There are many other beauty brands I love, and they use natural ingredients, but I don’t know if they 100% organic, so, I’m going slowly, feeling the ground until I have a very safe list.


I ❤ beauty products and can’t live without a nice soap.


What about you? Do you have a favorite natural brand?





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