People who inspire me

In a previous post, I’ve said that, when difficulties arise, I look up to people who tell me “No excuses!” and go on.

I decided to show you those people who are inspiring me when things are hard.

1. Jessica Cox – no arms, no problem

Jessica Cox

Jessica is one of my greatest inspiratons. She was born without both arms, but never let this stop her. She went to college, married, she is an accomplished, beautiful young woman, and … she is a pilot. The first and only pilot in the whole world who flies a plane with her feet. If that is not inspiration enough, I don’t know what is.


2. Jessica Ainscough – Cancer? What cancer?

Jessica Ainscough

This stunning, beautiful australian girl healed from a deadly cancer naturally. Jessica Ainscough introduced me to Gerson Therapy and made me see that you can heal cancer naturally. She has been inspiring me for years and is a living proof that our body knows better. You go, Jess.

3. Jesse Lewis&Family – “Choose Love”

Jesse Lewis

This sweet pie is Jesse Lewis, a 6-years-old boy murdered in the shooting in the Sandy Hook School on December 14, 2012. Before his death, he had written a message on his family’s kitchen chalkboard: “Nurturing Healing Love”. His family decided to create a Foundation to honor his life, the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation. It’s message? “Choose Love”. No matter what. Respond with love. One of the life-saviors of my life.

4. Anita Moorjani – “Dying to be Me”

Anita Moorjani

Jessica Ainscough introduced me to Anita Moorjani. She is also a cancer survivor, who experiencied a Near Death Experience. She wrote the book “Dying to Be Me” and is a huge inspiration to me and many other people. Her positivity and confidence in life is contagious.

5. Nick Vujicic – Inspiring by being awesome

Nick Vujicic and Kathryn Budig

Nick Vujicic and Kathryn Budig

This picture has two great inspirations to me: Nick Vujicic, born without limbs and very famous motivational speaker, and yoga teacher Kathryn Budig. She is awesome and always inspires me too. And this is a gorgeus picture.

6. Arthur Boorman – Never Give Up


We all have seen Arthur’s video. And many of us cried. He is so inspiring, I can’t even. A complete transformation in 10 months, using yoga and a lot of tapas (among other things). Hands down also to DDP Yoga, which took the challenge to help Arthur during his journey. Other yoga teachers didn’t want him. Would you?

7. Chico Xavier – A life of sacrifice

Medium Chico Xavier

Medium Chico Xavier

When it comes to spirituality, people from all over the world remember Brazil as the home of author Paulo Coelho. He is known and famous as a reference in the spiritual path. However, as a brazilian I must say that our greatest luminar, when it comes to spirituality, is the medium Chico Xavier.

His life was a life of sacrifce. He wrote (as a medium) more than 400 books, and never won a cent for it. He donated everything (like in, everything), to charity. He embodied the cristian love. For you to have an idea, as a powerful medium, Chico knew when he would die. He used to say that he would die in a day when the brazilians would be so happy that they couldn’t feel the heart heavy because of the loss.

He died on 30th june 2002, the day when Brazil won the World Cup. I still have teary eyes when I remember it. No one noticed it.

8. Arundhati Roy – Badass, really badass Goddess

Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy

This beautiful indian woman is so brave, I have no words to describe. Arundhati Roy wrote my favorite book ever, “The God of Small Things” and is persona non grata in her own country for fighting for what she believes. She is just too intelligent, too generous, too brave, too much. I love her.

Who inspires you? Please let me know, I love getting to know more inspirational people.


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