My Appreciation List

I’ve received a task to  do an “Appreciation List” in only five minutes. So, I’ve set up my timer and there we go:



I appreciate…

1. My BODY: I love my body so very much it’s insane. I love every part of it, and I’m always amazed by its perfection. I love my body. Inside and out.

2. My baby niece: that kid is an angel in my life. She healed me in so many levels I have no words to say thank you enough. I also appreciate all wonderful children that have been part of my life. I love you all.


3. My country: born and raised close to the beach, I feel it’s a privilege to live in a country full of natural beauty. Brazil has its problems and sometimes it drives me crazy, but I feel happy to be part of it.

4. My family: self-explanatory.


5. My beauty: that’s right! I always loved the way I look like 😀


6. Nature: isn’t just too beautiful and welcoming? Love, love, love.


7. Yoga: I practice, practice, practice and never get tired of it. My center in everything, my place to be. I love YOU!

8. Energy healing: I’m so thankful for the book “Hands of Light”, by Barbara Brennan. It opened up a new world to me and helped me imensely in my recovering.

The five minutes are over! I’d love to hear your 5 minutes list! Please share in the comments, would you? Pleeeeeeease…

“Whatever you pay attention to, right now, you begin to look like.
Whatever you have spent time attending to in the past, you already
look like. What would a videotape show if you had been recorded for
the last eight hours?

Would your face be long or glowing?

Would your chest be sunken or beaming?

Would you move like a nervous
robot or an ebullient lover?”

~ David Deida, quoted by LiYana Silver



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