Work hard and celebrate your uniqueness. You’re too gorgeous to be envy.


The last Yama is Aparigraha, or not coveting.

It also reminds us to not be greedy, wanting more and more, in a vicious circle.

Aparigraha also warns us to let go, and to not hoard.

I also understand it as a non-envy practice. During the major part of my life I thought envy simply didn’t exist.

So, when I was already an adult, and I went through a very hard time in this existence, I myself felt envy of other people. So I could understand this feeling better.

Well, envy is for real. I felt it when I felt so miserable that I thought other people were happy while I wasn’t, that God (or the Creator, or whatever you call it), had forgotten me, that some people had an “easy&wonderful” life and others suffered and suffered and everythig goes wrong to them – and I was “Group B”.

I didn’t know anymore who I was, I was disconnected from my true self, and I wanted to be someone else, those that I thought were happier than I was.

I’ve learned that feeling jealous is a low self-steem symptom. It hurts me and others at the same time. What is better? To practice Aparigraha. To practice Aparigraha I think it is necessary to practice also a Niyama (I’ll talk about it soon), the “Isvara pranidhana”, that means “Devotion to God”.

I found it necessary to reconnect with God, or the Creator. This relationship is important, and it must be honest. You must feel again you are truly loved by who or what gave you the existence.


What you can do to practice Aparigraha:

– Connect with yourself. Know yourself and fall in love with you.

– Dedicate a time of your day to stay with yourself, listen to a music that you like, dance, be in contact with your own body and consciousness.

– Do what is good to increase your self-steem and understand your personal value.

– Believe it: you are so perfect that there is no reason to want what is from someone else. Your life is designed for you, and even if it looks like a disaster now, you can change everything when you want, and unfold it in a wonderful way.

– Remeber that it’s never over!

“When you start to feel that jealousy bubbling up, remind yourself ‘aparigraha, aparigraha’, then shift to gratitude. Stop for a moment and recognize something you do have that is amazing or something that could use some work. Celebrate the other person and what they have…and when you can merge with their excitement, that’s yoga, that’s union, that’s one-ness”. davidji



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