Living in the moment


“Living in the moment is not a one-time commitment but somthing that has to be done again and again” ~ Phillip Moffitt

That is something I must remeber myself everytime I look at my to-do list. I’ve been thrilled with the possibilities life is opening to me, and at the same time I’m so scared that I’d like sometimes to figure out everything and sort of foresee the future.

Today, the dollar is up and my bills are a mess. It’s the first time in my 32 years in this incarnation that I care about the dollar’s ups and downs and lately I’m really praying that it goes down.

In those moments, I do what I always do: I look up to people who tell me “Hey, no excuses!” People who overcome A LOT everyday, and don’t listen to BS. People who have overcame cancer, who are born without an arm (or both), a leg (or both), and so on. They tell me: “What are you complaining about?”

I also like to look for inspiring articles to remember me that yoga practice is not only about asanas. And the yamas, niyamas and the theory is just as important.

I try to focus on the moment by focusing on one task at a time, because if I look to everything togheter, I’ll think that it can’t be done. Living in the moment is also nurturing a healthy faith, because the truth is – we are not in control. The dollar is proving me this the hard way.

It will get better. And I’m suddenly very attracted by the Economy news 🙂


Picture: by Hirsty Photography

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