Never easy, always worth it

I should be sleeping, because I’m with a lack of sleep lately and I have a lot to do tomorrow, but I can’t help myself.

As some of you may know, I’m trying to create a business. Some months ago, I invested all the money I had (and hadn’t) to take an online training in business, specifically designed to help you to create an online business doing what you love, how you like and where you want.

It seemed too good to be true, and I won’t lye to you – when I started all this, and clicked on the “I’m in!” button, I was hoping to find a shortcut.

I was tired to be broken all the time, I was feeling sorry for myself, I had no money to fuel my plans or my dreams and I was feeling stuck for years. I had enough and I wanted the easy way. And I was willing to pay US$2.000 for it.

By that time, my monthly income was US$400/month. Just that.  I’ve signed up for the program in march 2013 and my income was US$400 each month, and to pay for the program, I’d have to pay four monthly installments of US$549. Of course, I couldn’t do it.

Or could I?


Actually, I could, I just didn’t knew it. So I’ve signed up, got extra job and could pay for it with a lot of hard work.

Next sunday, I’ll pay for the last installment, and I’m done. I did it. I payed for an expensive online training five times more expansive than my wage.

I’m feeling glad just to notice it, but there is more.

It’s not easy.

There is no shortcut.

I was so so wrong. I’ve never worked so much in my life, but I’m earning almost four times more than my previous income. It’s not enough yet, I know, but, hey – I’m only starting.


It’s never easy, but it’s always worth it. 

Besides, it’s so fun to have a business. I’m loving it. I have a brand, I have my own domain, I have a schedule, and I’m building my website working on my products, and dreaming (there is a lot of daydreaming involved).

Aaaaaand … I’m planning to move soon! After two totally failed attempts to live out of my parents house (I always had to come back, and, believe me, to come back hurts), I’m finally planning to have my own place, and as I can work from anywhere now, I’m choosing very carefully where I’m going to install myself. In a nice city. In another state. Close to the beach. Even closer to the beach.

And there comes more daydreaming.

I know I can do this and I’m so proud and happy and and … tired. Of course.

But I just want to reinforce that – it’s so worth it.

Go for your dreams!


2 thoughts on “Never easy, always worth it

    • Thank you for your support I’m working on my products and I’ll be launching it soon. For sure, I’ll share it with my followers!! Thank you. Namaste.

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