Satya (truthfulness)


Satya means truthfullness and is one of the Yamas.

It means not only that we should say the truth, but also to live with integrity.

It requires that we live in alignment with our deepest values and beliefs, and that what we think, feel and do are actually the same.

To assess if we’re practicing Satya in our lives, we can begin by asking ourselves the following questions:

– How much do I love my daily life?

– How much do I love what I do in a daily basis?

– How much do I love my job?

Those are difficult questions, and the answers might not be the most joyful ones. You don’t need to despair, if you notice there’s a huge gap between what you believe to be right and what you do in a practical perspective.

Remember that it is a practice. I love this word, practice. It means you can come back, and can persist and you’re not supposed to begin by being perfect. All you have to do is to give your best. Let go of the expectation of results. It’s your honesty and dedication that counts. You do what you can, no sacrifices, no unnecessary pain.

You can also practice Satya with your relationships.

– How much do I love people who are around me everyday?

– How is my relationship/marriage/partnership going?

– Do I love people in my life now?

– Am I being honest with them?

If you’re not, what do you need to be fully honest?

Do you need security, personal space, do you need to feel safe to share your feelings and toughts?

Do you feel hurted and missunderstood?

One of the best things in Yoga is that it is one system. One practice helps the other so that we have a safe frame in which to grow.

That’s why you need to practice Ahimsa with all the other yamas, niyamas and practices. That will help you to not be harsh on yourself, to not judge yourself, even if you’re doing something serious, like cheating, for example.

Yoga invites us to practice integrity, at our own pace. Understanding ourselves. It’s a self-discovery path and we do it to love ourselves more deeply, not to criticize and punish.

Satya can give us freedom and power, and anyone can practice it.

What you can do to practice Satya:

1. Ask for guidance to discover your inner values and beliefs and how you can live accordingly to it.

2. Do some research about your life (10 minutes everyday is enough) to assess in which areas you could practice more Satya. Ask for guidance to know how you can make it better.

3. Remember to be kind with yourself and to celebrate your progress, even the small ones.



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