The Moon


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After a whole day working to have the money to pay my bills, I finally can sit here and just … write.

No formula, no goals, no expectations, no rules, actually.

It feels like space to expand, and it feels great.

Sometimes I think if it wouldn’t be easier for me if I wrote in my mother language (portuguese). No doubt. I wouldn’t feel afraid of appearing to be a fool sometimes by making silly mistakes, I wouldn’t have to type so slowly (altought I’m getting better), it wouldn’t take so long to write, to re-read, to search for mistakes I even know how to fix.

I’m pretty good in my mother language, because I love reading. If you read a lot, you know, you’ll write well. Because we memorize it. And it’s easy to mimetize the great authors that we learn to love.

I tought I would live my life in french. It was the first foreing language I learned, when I was 10 years old, and I fell in love. It’s the most beautiful language and I love the french culture too. But my life has been being in english. Ha. Mine and of many many other people too.

The internet language is english. And internet is like home to me. So, I had to manage my own insecurities regarding to writing in a foreign language. I somehow feel that I can’t afford writing in portuguese, because I wouldn’t be able to communicate with so many people, all around the world.

I used to write in portuguese, in the beginning of YdeYoga’s blog, but one day I received a very kind note of a girl asking me why I didn’t write my articles in english too, because she would like to read it.

I tought it was a good idea! So here I am.

Anyway, but this article is supposed to be about the Moon. I have a “Content Calendar” and today I was supposed to write about the moon.


Picture: WeHeartIt

What can I say? I’ve been creating a beautiful realationship with the moon lately.

I feel that the first year of my practice was dedicated to the Sun. It guided me, it was there for me, and it gave me the energy and the clarity to stretch myself  and to get out of my own way. Sun salutations are key in my practice, and the first thing I do in the mornings.

Now, I feel it’s time for me to meet my “moonlish” side. And I’m loving it.

A couple months ago, I woke up in a full moon night and felt like practicing. Before my practice, in the middle of the dark, I’ve set this intention:

“I salute the moon, source of love, peace and feminility, may it shows me the beauty there is in darkness, may the moon teaches me how to love the darkness”.

Since then, I feel more and more connected to the moon, and I feel that much of my own preconceived ideas about it have been changing. It’s such a sweet, warm, glowing beautiful energy.

And it has everything to do with us, women (I believe it influences men too, but I don’t know how).

It is a time to detox and to clean old hurts, to heal deep wounds, and a time for the pain to pop up again, so that I can recognize it, so that awareness can touch it, kiss it, and heal it.

I’ll be stronger afterwards. And the same cycle will begin again.


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