Energy Healing

One of the choices I made in my healing path that I feel most proud of was booking energy healing sessions.


It took me ages, but I did it, and it was exactly what I needed to align me with higher patterns of energy, and to really help me to keep on track in my healing process.

My first contact with energy healing was via the book Hands of Light, by the american author Barbara Ann Brennan (picture above). I read it when I was about 16 years old, and despite being very young, I totally got it! I was fascinated with the chakra system described in the book, and it was also the first time I really understood that “we human beings and all our reality is made of energy”.


But by that time, I had no idea where I could find an energy healing in my area. In Brazil, it’s not something we can find very easily, and by that time, internet was in “beta version”, and for you to have an idea, we hadn’t even Google (yes, I am that old).

However, I tried my best to get some experience from what I was reading, so I did a Reiki course, and a shiatsu appointment, and started to practice the exercises Barbara teaches us in her book and also to meditate.

Of course, I started to feel a little disconnected from my “normal girl” routine, but I was so thirsty of this spiritual knowledge that I got comfortable in feeling a little different from my friends and relatives. We’re all a little weird, aren’t we?


Picture: Barbara Brennan School of Healing

And, for me, energy healing and the concept that our reality is made of energy is not weird AT ALL. It’s just the way it is, and the more you learn about it, the more you find the love and intelligence that is behind everything, including us.

So I kept searching. Barbara published another book, “Light Emerging”, which I’ve also read:


And she created a School, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, that teaches thousands of people how to be a certified energy healer, with one school in USA and another in Europe.

Of course, I wanted to know a certified energy healer and to have him/her to do a “body scan” and check all my chakras out. I must to admit that I’ve became kind of concerned about energy blocks, and probably they weren’t even there :S

Anyway, it took me more than a decade (and Google) to find a certified energy healer and finally have this experience of a real, professional healing session.

The School has a list with all its graduates, by country of origin. I found a wonderful healer and as she lives in another state, we had our sessions via Skype (I love technology!).

If you want to access the list, here is the link.


Picture: Auras in Motion. Barbara Brennan School of Healing

The Barbara Brennan system in not the only energy healing system that exist. Actually, there are different schools, and I’m going to talk about them in another opportunity.

But not only because it was my first contact with the “energy healing theory”, but because I do love the work of Barbara and her students, this one will always be in my heart. It helped me imensely, and still does.

What about you? Have you ever tried energy healing? Have you read a book about it? Would you like to give it a try?

Namaste, beautiful energetic beings of light!

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