About the feminine and being a woman


It’s late and I should be sleeping so that I can catch the sunrise tomorrow and my day stays on track, but I must post something very very important for me. After all, I am a woman. Sometimes I forget about it and how HUGE it is to experience life form a feminine point of view, in a woman’s body. How great it is, to be a woman. I take it for granted and … no. It’s a miracle.

I’ve just listened to this video with Sara Avant Stover interviewing Sofia Diaz and I felt too great. It’s a juicy video, that I like to watch laying in bed, looking to the stars, looking to the night sky that fascinates me more and more. I’m also in a program from Sara, “Reversing Our Curse”, and I love to listen and re-listen the audio classes always like this: laying in my bed, in darkness, looking the night sky. It’s a juicy pause in my busy life (it’s getting busier and busier) and it centers me. It remebers me I’m flesh and blood, and it connects me to parts of myself that don’t care about busy routines. It connects me to my uterus, to my womb, to my ovaries, to my vagina and to all parts of myself that are so overlooked in my daily life.

I’m posting this video here because I’m afraid Sara might shut off the page where she posted it and I’ll have no more this video available for me to watch 🙂

So, here it is, for you to enjoy (I recommend listening to it with a calm mind. Don’t listen to it while you’re at work):

Sofia is a great teacher and she has a rare talent, which is the one of “creating language”. She translates concepts and new ideas to common language, she “dresses” a new born idea with words, she creates language. I just LOVE it.

I love men, I love penises and testicules (am I really writing this?), and I believe that we really complement each other. The masculine organs and feminine organs match perfectly and that is just so beautiful. I’m so happy to be living this moment in my life right now, when I can learn how to appreciate my body and life as a whole and I’m in awe for everything I’ve been learning.


PS: I went for a walk in the beach last sunday and found an orchid show!! I hope you enjoy this gallery.

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