Super easy vegan chocolate shake

This recipe is for those days when you have no money to invest in vegan delicacies, and need to use the ingredients that are already there.

I’ve been so short in money lately that I had to do my own adjustments when I wanted something sweet and tasting like chocolate.

That’s why I love this recipe so much. It’s easy and very handy when I get my chocolate cravings. You’ll need ripe bananas, peanut in powder or in grains, oat and cacao.

1st Step: unpeel the bananas and put them in the fridge for an hour. Use a plastic bag to protect the bananas. I used to put the bananas with their skin in the fridge until one day I saw a video with Tara Stiles, in which she told us – in a very classy way – to unpeel the bananas before putting them in the fridge. Nice advice.


2ond Step: Separate your ingredients. You’ll need 1 tb spoon unsweetned cacao, 2tb oats and peanuts.


3rd Step: Blend everything with a little bit of water and it’s ready! I don’t put any sugar, but if you like it more sweet, you can add some demerara (brown sugar).




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