Mind detox: what works for me

We hear a lot about detox lately and how we need to take the crap out of our system, be it through a healthier diet, meditation, coffee enemas, daily exercise and so on.

I believe that we have so many options to detox nowadays that we literally have no excuses.


picture: WeHeartIt

I’d like to talk about a style of detox not very mentioned in the media: the detox of the mind.

I have an energy healing background and strongly believe that we are formed by “bodies”, that go beyond our physical one. One of those bodies is called the mental body and is directly related to what we call “the mind”.

Of course, all those energetic bodies are closely interconnected and we just separate them in order to better understand their functioning.

Being aware of our mental body helps us to understand how important it is to take good care of it, and helps us to live a better life, with more mental clarity and focus. With a clear mind we become much more lighter, I think.

A healthy mind has a benefitial effect over all the other energetic bodies, and ultimately reaches the physical body, in the physical realm.

So, here are my personal practices to detox my mind:

1. Pranayama

Meditation is amazing, but Pranayama is unbeatable – in my opinion – if you want to take the junk out of your mind. Simple techniques will do wonders, and I’m talking about 10 – 15 minutes daily. It’s not much, but it’s all you need to reap the benefits. A calmer mind, more focus, more space. I believe Pranayama has something to do with calming our amygdala, the part of our brain responsible for our instinctual fears and responses. By calming the amygdala, you can achieve great peace of mind. We all want that.

2. Meditation listening to mantras

It’s not only meditation. You choose a mantra, you download it on iTunes or listen to it for free on YouTube, while sitting in a comfortable position, for 10-15 minutes. I have a version of Gayatri that lasts 20 minutes. The same mantra. It’s highly effective when I need to calm down and can’t meditate by myself. It is so powerful that it also calms down the whole environment around me. No witchcraft.

3. Journaling

I’m a huge fan of journaling, and if you’ve been following me for a while you know it. I believe journaling has many hidden benefits, that reveal themselves with time. One of them is cleaning the mind and calming our hearts. I usually write anything that is in my mind, any feeling, any toughts. And feel much better after it. I also love blogging because it’s another way to un-clutter my mind. And when I write I gain another perspective about a topic, problem or situation. Many answers came to me through journaling&blogging. And it’s free.

4. Asana practice

It can be any movement, it can be a walk in nature, but move your body the best way. It cleans the energetic bodies and of course, also the mental body.

5.  Eating clean

I love buying my own food, choosing organic vegetables, vegetarian and vegan delicacies and preparing my meals with love. I think that our energy goes to our food, so the way we prepare it is important. So, do your grocery list and go shopping FOR YOU. Is such a nice self-love act, to choose wisely what to eat. Remember that we are what we eat. 

What are you doing to detox your mind?


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