Why is self-love so misunderstood?

I’d like to know why we misunderstand the true meaning of self-love.

We think about it as being usually the opposite of what it truly is.

We push ourselves hard, we do crazy diets in order to look “beautiful”, we work overnight to be “succesful”.

Or, the other way around, we indulge in an endless vicious circle of self-pity, lazyness, hoplessness and doing nothing to change our reality and fulfill our dreams.

I believe balance is fundamental here.
And also self-compassion.
And self-confidence.

Maybe self-love is just plain complicated and we can’t do nothing about it but keep learning throughout our lives how to love ourselves deeply.

Some weeks ago I was listening to a call that resonated with me. The health coach Melissa Ambrosini said that we should love ourselves unconditionally.

That word, “unconditionally”, was so powerful.
It opened up new possibilities for me. I could long for loving myself as a whole, not only “the best parts of myself”. 

I’ve been in a course about womanhood and one of the most important topics is about how to love my own shadow. My dark feminine. That parts of myself I want to hide.


Photo: Absinthe Minded

Now, it’s time to bring these parts to light, or maybe to love them in their darkness, their natural environment.

I long for loving my shadow. It’s part of me and contribute greately to my enjoyment of life.


2 thoughts on “Why is self-love so misunderstood?

    • Hi Olga! How did you find me girl? I tought I had only put the link to my personal tumblr on RoC page… Anyway, glad to see you here 🙂 Yes, unconditional love is key, yet, to love myself unconditionally always sounded like a sin to me. Go figure. Now I’m much more “selfish”.

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