What we repeat often, everyday, all the time, becomes our mantra.

Mantra is not only the holy words in sanskrit that we sing to calm and focus the mind.

Mantra is everything we hear, think, say, feel and do often.


Which are your mantras?


Picture: Le meas, Hanna

That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with positivity:

1. Read nice books. Inspirational stories. Whatch inspirational movies.

I must confess that I love scary movies, but I try to balance it with very nice readings, and a lot of inspirational videos that I watch daily in internet.

You can have a “side B” taste for art and culture, which I think is healthy and cool.

And you can also have a good taste for inspirational stuff. Do both.

buddha_doodlesPicture: Buddha Doodles

2. Be in the list of people who inspire you.

I like being in the list of people who make me feel happy, who share their tips and tricks and spells to be a healthier, happier woman. Internet is the perfect place to find great information for free.

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3. Surround yoursel with positive people.

I’m not saying that you should stop talking with that friend who is depressed (that is cruel), but find also like-minded people who are bursting with positivity, and let it “contaminate” you. Happiness is like sadness: contagious.

We all need to recharge and we can do it being with people who nurture us with nice ideas, good vibes and true affection.


4. Add humour to your daily life

I’m a shy person, but I looooooove humour. People who make me laugh are the people I want to be around (also), because they make life easier to me.

TV Shows, funny movies, funny books: add humour to your life and never take yourself so serious.



5. Look for beauty

I find beauty very uplifting.

Beautiful clothes, beautiful food, beautiful landscapes.

In my opinion, we are naturally beautiful beings.

And because we have beauty inside, we look for it, just as the plants look for the sun.

Add beauty to your home, to your workplace, to yourself.

Value your own beauty.




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