It’s Clay Party Time


My mother gave me three soaps made with natural clay.

I LOVE soaps and everything bath/shower related.

Each soap is made with a different kind of clay – red, yellow and black, with different qualities:


We know that clay has amazing properties, and is so healing that some people even eat it everyday (a special type of clay, you can’t eat any kind, of course!).

But I use it only to my skin. I’ve already tried one of the soaps and it feels goooood. You can feel the little grains massaging your skin, so it’s gently esfoliating.

I also have clay in powder to use like a mask for my face:


This little bag lasts forever. It’s a very good investment.

I add some water to the powder and cover my face. Then I wait about 15 minutes, until it dries.

Not a good picture, but, voilà:


It gets worst when it dries completely.

But after you remove it, your skin is soft, clean, gorgeus!

I love clay. All products I have with it makes me feel closer to Mother Earth.

And who doesn’t love to be in her arms?

I definitely would like to eat clay and give it a try, but never found an “eatable” one so far. For those who want to know more about it:


Do you have clay products? Do you use it often?


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