How do you feel the support around you?

Sometimes, we feel so unsupported, as if we were all alone in the world, and nobody could really understand us.

During my most difficult times I realized that depression and anxiety are illnesses seen by society as a flaw in the character, rather as a “real” illness.

People around me, even my family, tought that I was lacking love for life, that I was being lazy, that I was making life much more complicated than it is.

During so many years I believed I was really “too complicated” and that my depression and anxiety was caused by myself. At a point, even I wasn’t by my own side.

The lack of support makes us feel even more depressed and anxious. It is well known that our perception to “belong” to a group, like family or friends, or even a professional category, is connected to our sense of personal safety. We are not designed to be alone.

During my healing, I realized I was supported, but didn’t know how to perceive it.


Today I feel supported by family and friends, and can understand when they can’t support me the way I think is right. During those moments, I go to my mat, and I meditate, and I try to connect with my breath, with the sun, or with the moon, if it’s night. Then I ask my inner self:

  • “What do I need to know now?”
  • “How can I feel fully supported in this moment?”
  • “From where does the true safety comes in my life?”

After asking those questions, I wait for the aswers, and even if they don’t come to me in the same moment, or in the same day, I know they’ll come in the right time.

When we’re centered, we realize support is all around us. Inside us, in our hearts, in our Practice, in the nature that surrounds us and supports life with an unconditional love.

During my healing journey I’ve also been learning how to support myself in all moments. That is also a practice.

Do you feel supported by yourself? Or do you still look for it in the outside?


Picture: We Heart It

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