Guided savasana


Photo: Travelling Yogi

I want this text to be about guided savasana and tought that it would be better if I recorded a video showing you how to do it.

Then I tought that it’s a very nice idea, but not very doable right now, because my camera has not a very good sound system, my portuguese accent is hard to grasp, you would end up seeing someone just there, laying down, and moving her lips.

For sure you have something better to do.

But I would like to talk about this technique, called “yoga nidra“, or “yogi sleep”, which is a very deep state of relaxation.

You begin in savasana, and then, very consciously, relax each part of your body: the right toes, the sole of the right foot, the foot, the right ankle, the right chin, the right knee and so on. You do this very slowly, very consciously.

Once I took an amazing yoga nidra class ant it took about 40 minutes to relax all parts of the body, together with breathing and visualizations. You go one by one. No rush.


Photo: Dream Health

The good thing about doing it yourself at home is – you can be as detailed as you wish.

In fact, the more detailed the better.

Many years ago, I took a belly dance class (sexy!), and there was a relaxation exercise in the end of the class, just to chill out.

I remember the teacher saying:

Feel as if you were made of sand. And the sand that forms you, your body, your mind, is dissolved in water. And as you relax deeper and deeper, the sand is going more and more to the bottom, and you realize you’re actually the purest, clear water”.

I found this visualization so cool! So useful. It wasn’t those exact words, but I got the idea. And loved it. I still visualize it when I am in savasana sometimes.

No, it’s your turn. I would like you to try yoga nidra and see how it goes:


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