So, have you been singing to the moon?

I know we are not wolves, but, I’d like to ask you anyway, because I have been singing to the full moon.

It feels great. I won’t lose this opportunity to declare my love for the moon.


Picture: WeHeartIt

When there is a full moon we sing to her. 

We pray to her,

We say thank you and ask her to help us in anyhing we need.

I’m feeling like a witch saying this, but it’s true.

We don’t feel ashamed to admire the sun, do we? Actually, we salute the sun everyday and we highly respect the sun as a life giver to all beings.

However, when it comes to the moon, we tend to feel afraid. It remembers us “the dark side”, the voluptuosity, lust, witchcraft. In the best scenario, it remembers us about cheesy romance.

The Moon is so much more.

Find your mantra, and sit alone in your mat, bathing in the sweet moon light, and if you want to, sing to her.

This is a divine experience waiting for you.


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