Perfect way to clear space in your mind: journaling

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Journaling is an amazing way to clear some precious space in our mind.

Even if you’re not crazy about writing or typing, there are so many other things you can do, that brings the benefits that “traditional” journaling gives us. Here is what I suggest you to do:

1. Buy yourself an exclusive notebook, and use it only for your journal. I like to buy many notebooks and use each for a specific purpose. For example, I currently have a journal for my yoga practice, in which I write the insights, toughts and inspirations I get on and off the mat. I also write there my intentions, my goals for my practices, things that I’ve been learning, my meditations insights and so on.

I also have another journal for my mantra practice. There I write the mantras I’ve been chanting, their sanscrit words, their meanings, my personal considerations about each and what I research about each one.

You can have as many journals as you want!

2. Write down your tasks. Some years ago I’ve read a very nice book called “Getting Things Done”, by the author David Allen. One of the most important things about being effective, according to this book, is just a simple action: put everything, every little task, worry or expectation, from your mind to the paper. And then, organize it according to priority, time to accomplish and so on. Doesn’t matter if it’s a “silly” task, like “watering the plants”, or a big event, like “surgery”. Write everything down, and then organize it. You will feel instantly that you get more space in your mind. There is also a website that helps you to maintain your lists organized: Remember The Milk. It’s free and very friendly.

3. Write without any kind of judgment. Be specific and don’t criticize yourself when journaling. The whole point is about self-inquiry, about you getting to know yourself better. If you allow yourself to be who you are right now, without judgement, you’re going to fall more and more in love with yourself.

4. If you’re a visual person, go visual. You can make a visual journal, with tons of photos, images and doodles, paintings and so on. I think it’s even more cool than the written ones (and I’m a very “verbal-person” – I love words). I love pictures and visual language. You can do yourself an inspirational board, with collages, and photos, and also with affirmations (short uplifting sentences).

You can also choose a very visual blogging plataform, like Tumblr (I LOVE Tumblr) and Pinterest, and  express yourself through images. All forms of self-expression are encouraged: audio, video, movement, dance, creating things … you choose one main one, that is most suited for you!

5. Just share what you want to share. And just share with whom and how you want to share. You are in control of your journal. Don’t show it to everyone, it’s important to respect your privacy. If you decide to blog, which is an amazing way to share yourself and to attract a community, do it in such a way that empowers you and honors your journey.

Do you journal often? I’d love to hear your toughts about it. Please share them in the comments!


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4 thoughts on “Perfect way to clear space in your mind: journaling

      • hehe!
        ok…i’ll post a small pic of it on my blog soon…theyre very easy to make..all u need is some pieces of cardboard, paper for the inside, and a decorative cover…oh, and some glue and thread!

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