How to establish a daily relaxation routine

Relaxation for me is a very serious topic.

I reserve time everyday to just lay down in savasana or other relaxing pose, with an eyepillow over my eyes and set my timer to relax (only) for about 20 minutes.

No meditation, no pranayama, just relaxing. 

I use a scented camomille eyepillow, a very necessary prop, I highly recommend you to buy one. Specially the scented ones, it’s a hundred times worth the investment.


Photo: Ekomat

Another wonderful prop is a bolster. But a huge pillow can do, if you can’t afford a bolster right now. The same with the eyepillow, you can use a soft tissue over your eyes during savasana or relaxation exercises.

In our society, we see resting as a lazy thing. I see it as a healthy, responsible habit. We all need to rest deeply during our day. AND also have a wonderful sleep at night.

Of course, some nights you’ll go out and won’t be able to sleep the whole night, but make it the exception, not the rule to live by.

Cherish your resting time. You’ll feel such a huge amout of self-love flowing from our heart during those times. Only 20 minutes, but your body will literally thank you for that.

Set an intention: “Everyday I’ll reserve 20 minutes to rest deeply”.

And give yourself a lot of comfort. You can also listen to a soft, healing music.

Your life will be more relaxed, your mind will be clear, your heart will be lighter. 


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4 thoughts on “How to establish a daily relaxation routine

    • Yes!! I love scents and they add a sweet, delicious touch to the relaxation time. I also recommend lavender and vanilla scent. I also love peach and jasmin. I can’t buy all those right now, but I love my eyepillow, which is camomille scented. Veeeeeeery relaxing. If you want, put it in a plastic bag and let it in the fridge for about 20-30 minutes. It becomes very cold and is perfect to dimm headaches, or help sore eyes. Love it!

    • right? Resting is part of a healthy routine 😉 We remember shutting off our computer so that it can “rest” from time to time, but when it comes to our bodies/minds, we tend to treat it as machines. Tsc tsc

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