Mantras: How to still your mind only by listening


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As a person who loves ideas, toughts and abstract concepts (I was that kind of child who would prefer the library than to chat in the break between the classes in school), I must say that I love the realm of toughts, and therefore, I love my mind.

Coincidence or not, a major part of the struggle in my life came from my “mental” suffering, like anxiety issues, depression and related social phobia.

However, I still love the mind. I find it to be a wonderful part of being human and I cherish the imense potential it has to make us happy. The mind can make you suffer, but it also can set you free.

When I need to calm my mind, I practice yoga postures (asana), breathing exercises, meditation or journaling, and when I *really* need some support in doing this, I listen to mantras.

I love mantras and their effect on our mind.

It calms us down.

Just by listening to a mantra during meditation you can achieve more peace of mind, more mental clarity, more focus. You don’t have to sing it to feel the effects, altough by singing it, you can enhance the positive effects over your well-being.

The first mantra I knew was Gayatri, such a powerful one that is considered to be a goddess itself. Besides being a very calming mantra, it’s also protective, and its power ressonates and “clears” the environment around us.

Its core message is related to what is most important: the search for true enlightment.

There are a lot of versions, and you can choose different ones to listen to, in different moments of your life.

Gayatri Mantra
Oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ
tát savitúr váreṇiyaṃ
bhárgo devásya dhīmahi
dhíyo yó naḥ pracodáyāt

General translation:
“We meditate upon the spiritual effulgence
of that adorable supreme divine reality
Who is the source of the physical,
the astral and the heavenly spheres of existence.
May that supreme divine being
enlighten our intellect,
so that we may realise
the supreme truth.”



1. Find a calm place, in a calm hour of your day or night (I suggest the sunrise or the sunset).

2. Sit in a comfortable position, or even lay down on the floor, on your yoga mat or over a folded blanquet.

3. Breath deeply and relax your body, each part at a time.

4. Start listening to the Gayatri. You can easily download it from iTunes (it’s less than US$2) or even listen to it via YouTube. I suggest you try the version from Deva Premal above.

5. You don’t need to undestand each word. Focus on the general meaning.

6. Enjoy this moment. You’re creating a safe space for yourself, which is a wonderful act of self-love.


Please share your impressions during your listening practice in the comments!


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