Morning Showers after Self-massage

In a previous post, I talked about a morning self-massage, and how awesome it is to detox your body, increase blood circulation and self-steem. It’s an act of self-love, and an amazing way to start your day renewed!

After the self-massage, you’ll be oily and probably sweating a litle bit, because your body gets warmer with the increased blood circulation.

So, right after your self-massage, you go to your first shower of the day. Some specialists say that after a self-massage with organic oil, we should take a hot shower without soap, using only the hot water to get the oil off the skin. Then, right after the hot shower, you should take a cold water. That do wonders to our circulation. Again, using no soap. After the hot/cold showers or baths, you should lightly dry your skin with a soft towel, but not roughly, because we want the oil to remain nurturing your skin throughout the day.

In my case, this was not very practical, because I live in the hottest region of a tropical land, so whenever I leave oil over my body I feel like I’m melting short after the shower. Not a good feeling. I also miss using soaps during my shower, so, I do my own adaptations.


I use a moisturizing soap made with natural essences and with little seeds inside, that give me a nice massage during shower and also esfoliates my skin.

I’m currently using this one, with “pitanga” extract and flaxseeds:

Pitanga and flaxseeds Ekos soap

Pitanga and flaxseeds Ekos soap

I love soaps so so much, and I don’t feel comfortable not having them after an oily self-massage, but I follow the rule hot shower-cold shower, it’s amazing! After this glorious self-love morning routine, you’re ready to put some comfortable clothes and begin your day.

The self-massage and showers routines can be done in less than 15 minutes (5min self-massage + about 5min hot and cold showers + about 5min to dress). Done everyday, it has a great impact over your daily life and balances your mood.

You’ll be taking a good care of yourself, instead of only having a morning shower because “you have to”, and then rushing to breakfast and to your job. Instead, you’ll be transforming your morning shower into a loving self-care routine. For free. All you have to do is to invest in some nice natural oil and soaps.

I hope you enjoyed it!


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