Morning Self-Massage


Foto: naturesupplies

A morning self-massage is recommended to detox the body, increase blood circulation and to stimulate self-steem and self-love.

It can be done in 5 minutes, right after the sun salutations and savasana, using a good organic, vegan body oil.

How to do it:

1. Sit on the floor, on your yoga mat or over a clean, comfortable blanquet.

2. Warm your hands friccionning one against the other until you feel that the hands are warm. Put one drop of the oil in one hand, friccion your hands again and start with one foot.

3. Massage the foot carefully, paying attention to it: the format, the toes, the nails, the veins and the skin. Pay special attention to the ankles. Rotate them gently.

4. Go up massaging the chin, the knees and the tighs. In any joint, do circular movements.

5. Repeat the proccess beginning with the other foot.

6. Use as much oil as you need to help you do the massage.

7. Now, massage one hand, the forearms, elbows, arms and shoulders. Do each side carefully and with awareness. Pay special attention to your armpits, under your arms, because we want to massage the lymphatic system.

8. Now, massage your belly, back, upper and lower back and neck. Use the top of a bikini so that it is easy to reach the upperback, neck and shoulders. I don’t care if you’re “too fat”. Use a tiny sports bra or the top of a bikini. A self-massage is all about self-care, self-love and cherishing your body. The way it is now. That is the only place from where we can grow.

9. Gently use the tips os your fingers to massage the face and the head. Don’t put too much oil on the face.

10. By the end of a vigorous massage, you might feel warmer and even be sweting. Now, it’s time for a nice shower or bath to start your day renewed.

11. Repeat the self-massage whenever needed, and to develop an habit, repeat it everyday for at least two weeks.


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