Meditation 2: Meditating in Virasana (Hero Pose)

Virasana (Hero Pose)

Virasana (Hero Pose)

Photo: Yoga Journal

When to use this meditation: When you try to meditate but all you can think about is your “to-do list”
Best time of the day: at sunset

It’s very natural to feel unable to meditate when there is a lot in our plates and life is busy.

We keep thinking about everyhing we have to do and can’t allow ourselves “to lose time sitting” and focusing on the breath.

That is totally ok and doesn’t mean that you’re not a good meditator. I usually feel like this whenever I sit for meditation, and I consider myself a very committed meditator (no one has complained so far!).

To help me focus on my meditation and to honor my meditation pratice when all I could think about is the things I need to buy next, I use a lot of techniques, and one very accessible and great for concentration and for solidifying intentions (sankalpa) is Mudras.

I like to do this meditation sitting in Hero Pose (Virasana), on two blocks, because I have sore knees. Please adjust yourself to be comfortable.

Begin with gyan mudra (see below), then, join the hands in front of the heart (anjali mudra, also know as “namaste mudra”), bow a little bit and stay there, present, in the heart.

Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra

This gestures bring us back to our focus, to the breath and helps the mind to concentrate. Then I like to focus on a mantra, like OM, or even the Gayatri or you can choose other mantra, meaningful to you in that specific moment of your life.

Then do crocodile mudra (makara mudra), which helps us to access our reserves of strenght, that helps to calm the mind and understand that we have everything we need, so there is no need to worry.

Makara Mudra

Makara Mudra

Image: Makara Mudra, Mudra to access your infinite reserves of strenght.

And then do the kangula mudra, mudra-for-discover-and-unlock-my-hidden-talents, that helps to focus on our infinite potential, which is amazing, abundant and is unfolding at its own pace, in the right timing:

Kangula Mudra

Kangula Mudra

I like to finish the meditation resting 10 minutes in supported savasana or other relaxation pose, with an eyepillow with a calming scent over my eyes. It can be camomille, for example. If you have no eyepillow, use a folded soft tower.

Finish with a bow of gratitude toward yourself and bless your day, afternoon or night, depending on what time of the day you are meditating at.


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