Meditation 1: Being nurtured by the Rain

When to use this meditation: When you feel tired and need a deep rest.
Time of day: the best is early morning (but it can be done at any time too)

We’re about to have a deep relaxation morning routine now.

When I wake up and it’s raining I like to stay in the bed. I don’t do sun salutations and I try to get cozy. Please do so too before beginning this meditation.

Feel the rain inside and out.
Feel it raining on Earth, nurturing the soil, cleaning, washing.
Feel the atmosphere.

Think about you as fertile soil.
You are going to be touched by the rain,
the water that falls from sky to nurture and renovate you.

I want you to allow the powerful rain to wash away your problems, your worries, and to bring you mental clarity, just as the atmosphere gets clearer after a storm.

The sun will appear, but right now, let’s focus on the rain and its healing qualities.

Acknowledge the harmony in nature.

It’s always moving, working, producing, nurturing, recycling, maintaining life.

We don’t think about it often, but the huge part of our life maintenaince is provided by nature. The most important things that keep us alive are out of our control.

We can’t create air, we can’t manage the rain, we can’t create the soil under our feet, we don’t have a clear understanding about the subtil and super complex interdependence between billions of species in the different habitats in the Earth, like in a tropical rain florest, or in a desert.

Nonethless, everything is taken care of.

That can be overwhelming and make you feel powerless.

So, let’s go back to the feeling.

Get even more cozy in your bed (yes, you’re supposed to be still on your bed), and give in to your sensations.
How do you feel?

I usually feel warm, protected and nurtured when I do this meditation. I feel like a baby in the mother’s arms. Then, I like to surrender to it. To mother nature. And let me be completely nurtured, completely recharged to begin my day.

Without effort.
This is a time to receive.

If tears come out, let them flow, but don’t “give in” to sadness. It will pass. Feel it as a wave, don’t repress it. Just observe it. And feel like if your tears are your own “inner rain”, that will clear up the sky in your mind and that you’ll have more clarity after all.

Tears are good stuff.

Let it rain whenever you need it. If you haven’t already, open the windows and take deep breaths filling your chest and body with the clean air of the rain and start your day respecting your own pace.

Have a wonderful day!


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