Benefits of a Plant-based Diet *some of them!*

My chickpeas with kale and tomato sauce, couscous and broccoli with tare.

My chickpeas with kale and tomato sauce, couscous and broccoli with tare.

I am a person that loves food. I do. So, to me, investing in a “rabbit food” diet made me feel depressed.

I love to spend all my money with food (I know I shouldn’t) and I love trying new flavors. I had my first cookbook with 12 years old (it was full of “brigadeiro” recipes, a brazilian delicious sweet, made with condensed milk and chocolat), but it was a sign that food would be a very important part of my life, and it is!

Photo: brigadeiros, by Maych

But it didn’t take long until I realized the benefitial impact healthy food was having over my mind, my mood, my life. A plant-based diet not only detox your physical body, but also your mind, heart and soul. Therefore, is highly recommended for people like you and me, who wants to beat anxiety, depression and other mental sufferings, like confusion and lack of energy.

Here I share my simple steps to eat healthier:

Step 1: Don’t be radical.
Don’t change your diet radically. I recommend that you look for a certified nutritionist and ask for professional guidance first.

Step 2: Begin with only one vegetarian meal and grow from there.
Once you have the support of a certified nutritionist, you can begin by choosing one meal everyday and making it vegan or vegetarian. I’d recommend the Breakfast.

Step 3: Choose tea over coffee.
I’m a “tea-person” and altough being brazilian, and Brazil has an amazing coffee (people say…), I never liked coffee very much. I like the smell of it, because it’s so beautifully familiar, but I don’t like the taste and I don’t like its effect all over my body. But if you can’t live without your cup of coffee, don’t sacrifice yourself. Replace a big cup for a smaller cup, and then try to experiment a nice tea (there are thousands types of teas, and you can find one you love), and invest in the green juices.

My kale, lemon and apple green juice.

My kale, lemon and apple green juice.

Step 4: Juice your food.
Invest in the green juices, fruit smoothies and delicious other healthy beverages that can do wonders for your health, mood and self-steem.

Step 5: Add new ingredients.
In my journey to become a vegan (I’m not vegan anymore, I prefer to say that I have a plant-based diet), I’ve discovered amazing great ingredients, just as chia seeds, which go amazingly well in juices and smoothies. Give this little exotic seed a try.

Step 6: Make yourself a vegetables sandwich.
And make it delicious. I like to use eggplants to make myself “hamburguers” and replace the cheese for chickpeas hummus or tofu cream. Than, add fresh spinach, grated carrots and beets, raddish, watercress, lettuce, and what you want to add. Create new sandwichs, it’s such a versatile recipe.


Step 7: Adapt your favorite recipes so that they become healthier.
You can do so by replacing the ingredients for healthier ones.

Step 8: Savor your food in a calm environment.
To do so, it might be enough that you wake up a little earlier. Savor your food with a calm mind.


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