Observe the air


As I live close to many beaches, I like to sit on the sand, look to the ocean and feel the air that comes from the sea.

It has a different quality in different moments of the day.

Last week, I had the opportunity to take part in a wonderful full moon meditation on the beach and could feel the air in the beach, with the full moon. In meditation. It was amazing. The air was more sweet, I think, and had a very calming, soothing nature. I highly recommend you to experience a full moon “bath” at least once in the month. It can be in other natural landscapes, it could be in the balcony of a building in the city, there are so many amazing landscapes in this great Earth, and if you can find one next to you, I want you to go there and feel the air, observe it with all your senses, not only the physical ones.

And take that with you.   



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